Wednesday, November 2

Goldhardt's Halloween Party!!!!

This year my Family started a new tradition. We had a Halloween Party, so my Mom and Dad could see all there grad-kids in there customs.
And Here are the Customs
PaPa is a Cowboy
 Grandma is a Cowgirl
Ashlee is the wicked step sister and Joseph is a Knight
 Madisen is Wendy
Madison is Princess Sleeping Beauty
Kinley is a Bunny
 Bridger is Michael Jackson
Katelynn is Princess Tiana
 Alexis is Spider-Girl
 Stanley is a Vampire
 Sadie is Princess Snow White

Spencer is a Loin

 Olivia is a Witch
 Karter is Batman
 Taylor is a Chicken
 And Lilly is a Pumpkin

Then we had tons and tons of Activity:
First we ate Dinner.... Hot dogs and Chili.... And of course The Witch Brew

We then did a cake walk. Christine made the cupcakes... She did a very good job!!! Lexi LOVED the cake walk, when it was done she was still walking around with music in the background and when the song was done she would stop.... then when the next song started, she started walk around again:)

 Then we did a pumpkin Bowling

Then pin the nose on the pumpkin

Carved Pumpkin


Decorate Treat-or-Treat Bag

Ghost Pinata. I have to brag because I made the Ghost;)

  Donuts on a String

We had so much fun at Grandpa and Grandma's Goldhardt house:)

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  1. Thanks a lot for the share! Halloween is the best idea for our graduation eve next month. Saw many ideas of outdoor catering and buffet table service too. One of the best Chicago venues will be booked. Drinks and bourbon with wine will be ordered online. Sound system and Dj will be rocking too.