Wednesday, January 25


This year for Christmas was SUPER BUSY!!! I love the Holiday but this year it seemed never ending... This coming Christmas I am going to get super organized with my project and start in July:) We went Shawn's parents on Christmas Eve and spent the night... We had dinner with them, played games and talk all night, We even watch The Christmas Story and I have to say that is the first time that I have ever seen that show (My family is Christmas Vacation) then in the morning we talk more but me and Shawn had to leave to get ready for Church. I love when Christmas lands on Sunday. It just make the true meaning of Christmas so much more alive.  Then we went my parents house and talk to Jeffrey through Skpe which was great to see him. The boy has really grown into a young man. He is Healthy and doing good!
These are pictures of our Cousin Christmas Party
 Played Wii
 Santa came to Visit

 Played Basketball
 Did the Nativity

 The Shepherd
 Bridger the Wise Man
 Mary and Joseph (Madison and Joseph)

 Angel (Katelynn and Ashlee)
 Opening present that the Cousin gave to each other


Time to caught up:) Life has been great for us... I quit my job up at Logan and got a new job in Draper. So that me and Shawn would see each other more often. Which also mean that we are no longer in Logan and we are back in Salt Lake:) But here is Thanksgiving... We did 1) Dinner with my parents on Wed night and did 2) Dinner with Shawns parents on Thursday. I love being able to do both side of the family... It was really nice two days
 Yeap even Jeff had a place to seat:)

 My family is getting so Big that we had to eat out in the garage... So we could all be together!
 The girls love Uncle Tom
 The little ones love Uncle Mike Ipad